Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is Carrie-Day 3 of Lean in 13

Yo to all,

Ok so the morning started fine today, no nausa, nothing weird. The day is progressing...

Day 3:

  • Up around 6:30 am, I don't know why I didn't just freaking get up. The cats were walking on top of me, I had been awake since 5:30 but I insisted on laying there. SIGH.... I was up till around 11pm watching Dancing with the Stars. I love that show!

  • Took my MNS (I waited about 15 mins after taking the thermos and cats) I was hoping to stop the nausa and it did so I will do that from now on. I took my (2) thermo (3) cats and my spark with them.

  • Left out of house around 7:30am, had to deliver some product to a person before the gym so I took my shake. Man that muscle gain is getting tastier by the day, just b/c it is a hint of chocolate :) Drank it ont the way to class. Seemed like it took forever to drink it this morning. Took (2) white MNS

  • 8:30 Taught class, more cardio in the class + muscle work 10-15 mins of. Only did 45 mins b/c had Dentist appt (yuck!)

  • Ate my nuts 1/4 cup about 9:45 ish, had dentist at 10 so had to eat them and brush before appt.

  • I was hungry when I left the dentist, for some reason? Just now getting around to eating and it is like 2pm. I did get some chicken and eat a soy patty so I am eating a bit more protein with my salad but I am due to my hunger.
  • Later I had my regular supps again (2) Thermos, (3) cats, 1 MNS before lunch PKG (these went before the 2pm meal)
  • I didn't feel hungry again until around 6pm, I was trying to watch the clock. I got a bit more salad and another soy patty in 15 g protein in that bad boy.
  • 8:30pm when finished with the 401k lady had two turkey dogs. My room mate was eating sun chips and as much as I wanted one, I thought NO I must continue :) No chips and I was fine with just the dogs.

Thursday will be refuel day :) YEA!

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