Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is Carrie-Day 3 of Lean in 13

Yo to all,

Ok so the morning started fine today, no nausa, nothing weird. The day is progressing...

Day 3:

  • Up around 6:30 am, I don't know why I didn't just freaking get up. The cats were walking on top of me, I had been awake since 5:30 but I insisted on laying there. SIGH.... I was up till around 11pm watching Dancing with the Stars. I love that show!

  • Took my MNS (I waited about 15 mins after taking the thermos and cats) I was hoping to stop the nausa and it did so I will do that from now on. I took my (2) thermo (3) cats and my spark with them.

  • Left out of house around 7:30am, had to deliver some product to a person before the gym so I took my shake. Man that muscle gain is getting tastier by the day, just b/c it is a hint of chocolate :) Drank it ont the way to class. Seemed like it took forever to drink it this morning. Took (2) white MNS

  • 8:30 Taught class, more cardio in the class + muscle work 10-15 mins of. Only did 45 mins b/c had Dentist appt (yuck!)

  • Ate my nuts 1/4 cup about 9:45 ish, had dentist at 10 so had to eat them and brush before appt.

  • I was hungry when I left the dentist, for some reason? Just now getting around to eating and it is like 2pm. I did get some chicken and eat a soy patty so I am eating a bit more protein with my salad but I am due to my hunger.
  • Later I had my regular supps again (2) Thermos, (3) cats, 1 MNS before lunch PKG (these went before the 2pm meal)
  • I didn't feel hungry again until around 6pm, I was trying to watch the clock. I got a bit more salad and another soy patty in 15 g protein in that bad boy.
  • 8:30pm when finished with the 401k lady had two turkey dogs. My room mate was eating sun chips and as much as I wanted one, I thought NO I must continue :) No chips and I was fine with just the dogs.

Thursday will be refuel day :) YEA!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is Carrie-Day 2 of Lean in 13

Ok so this morning I didn't get up until 6:30am. I should have been up by 6 but I was up so late I just could not get up. Here is how the day went.

Day Two: 154.8 at work around 11am with pants on, bra, no shoes, no shirt

  • 6:45am took (2) thermo, (3) cats, MNS package. Spark with 8oz water

  • I was having some nausia so I had a hard time getting downt that shake, took me an hour, then I took the 2 MNS whites (I so prayed there would be no issues and it was all good)

  • Worked in my house from 8:30am till around 10ish. Did snag a small peach piece to see if they were good (cut up one for the room mate this morning)

  • 10:40ish on my drive in I had nuts 1/4 cup almonds

  • Came to work and took the 2nd round (2) thermos, (3) cats, and last MNS pkg at 12:45pm, ate around 1:30ish.

  • 1:30 meal was salad, about 1 1/2 cups with dressing and lean roast beast :) (3oz)

  • 5:00pm, well 5:10ish b/c my appt was late, at other 1/2 of salad with smoked turkey (3oz)

  • Had to hav a FF pudding cup, god forbid (female thing) not really craving it but it was there and fun. I think I might be ok with that though :)
  • I had two turkey dogs with mustard when I got home around 8:30pm

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is Carrie-Starting Lean in 13-DAY ONE

Ok so I am starting my Lean in 13 here Monday September 22nd. Should be an interesting week. I don't have my Max 3, as I was hoping, so I will be using a box of Max Appetite Control. I will weigh myself and then document my days.

At home I weighted 158.5 but here at the Fitness Center at 1pm I was 157 and that was after eating and drinking a ton this morning. Our scale here is more reliable so I will be using 157 as my starting weight.

Day One:

  • 6:30 am I got up and took my MNS (almost forgot), my cats (3), thermos (2)
  • Had my spark with 8oz water, with my pills, one multivit too.
  • 7:20ish I was drinking my shake (muscle gain b/c I don't have the meal ones, they have not come yet). Which is ok, don't love the taste, got me through class though.
  • Drank a muscle fuel 15 mins prior to class (it was ok, it has a bit of an after taste I was not crazy about) but I drank it.
  • Ok so due to a traffic nightmare, I didn't make it to the gym by 7:30am, as I planned. I left in time, just got caught up....
  • 7:30am-8:30am - irritated driving to Southside gym
  • Class 8:30-9:30am- We did all weights b/c I said so!
  • I tried to drink the rehydrate while doing some weights after class, yep no way, didn't get that down. I didn't really love it. I could not drink it without something to back it, like spark.
  • 9:30am-10am- Did some chest and back, hitting legs in the a.m. with cardio
  • 10:30 had my almonds
  • Went into work at 11am
  • NO class at 12 pm so I took my Cats (3) and thermos (2) and my MNS and took a shower
  • 1:30ish eating lunch- Had a salad with 3 oz of turkey
    Possibly Class at 12pm, then in for a day of work. I will update my blog posting at the end of the day.
  • Ate again about 6:30pm. I was out on the gym floor and not really paying attention to the time, little late but ok. I did get hungry so that was nice. I ate the salad and turkey deal again :) WOO HOOO!!
  • Ok it is now 11pm and I really noticed I should have eaten again tonight but I didn't and I am too late to do so now so I am going to bed and will give 5 meals a go for Tuesday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Laura -- my Advocare experience...

Let me start by saying I'm not as bold as Carrie, so there will be no mention of my starting or current weight :)

I started using Advocare products toward the end of March. I was a little cautious at first as I was not familiar with nutritional supplements at all. I had started working out regularly about 6 weeks earlier and had already seen some success (I had lost about 20#). After hearing a little more, I decided to give it a go...

I started with Spark, Meal Replacement Shakes and Catalyst. At first, I didn't really notice too much of a difference... I felt good and I was consistently losing weight, but I think I didn't really remember what I had felt like before changing my habits. I started adding other products to my regimen -- MNS, Rehydrate, Nighttime Recovery, Joint ProMotion, A-supreme. I continued to have great energy and great weight loss... I had lost 73# from February to August!!!

Recently, I started the Lean in 13 program. In fact, I'm almost done with the program and have lost an additional 10# so far! Not only that, I have a tremendous amount of energy... I really feel wonderful, thanks to proper nutrition, regular exercise and Advocare!!!

One last thing that Advocare has given me... I have met a wonderful group of people all with a common goal -- healthy living. We're a part of Team VA Fitness... I welcome you to join us in making the world a healthier and happier place - one person at a time.

This is Carrie-Starting Products :)

Hi to all,

I started my products on 7-14-08, and this was seriously taking the products. I was sort of playing with them for a bit, forgetting to take them and all that stuff, then I started really paying attention to taking them.

I was 165lb in the morning, and this was a barrier I could not break to save my life. I had been hanging at this weight for quite some time and it was irritating not being able to lose it. Even when I had revamped my eating habits (years ago), and I exercise all the time b/c it's my job
:()) I was still stuck. I changed my eating habits up even more and still I didn't get my weight under control until I started using the Advocare products faithfully. I cannot see EVER going off this stuff. It is like GOLD. Being in the Fitness and Wellness Industry I have tried all sorts of junk from GNC, where someone who knew nothing about products tried to push a ton of junk on me I am sure I didn't need, to online vit shops that I just hoped the products would work. I tried all the fat burners, protein and junk I could b/c I thought something had to work. With my eating habits and my working out there was no way my weight could not be controlled. All that wasted time looking for what works when it was out there all the time. I love the products, I love the fact that people follow up with you to make sure you are taking products correctly, and if you are loving them like I love them you can sign up and get a huge discount. They also let you build a business out of them if you so desire :O) It is unreal.

So...I started taking them and in 10 weeks I lost 10 lbs. I was all on board and people started noticing and asking questions and I had to share my news with them. They started buying products and BOOM, I was in business. I just want to spread this to all I can. I still have goals for my own body but with ADVOCARE, I know I can make my goals. Keep tuning in for my progress!