Friday, September 19, 2008

This is Carrie-Starting Products :)

Hi to all,

I started my products on 7-14-08, and this was seriously taking the products. I was sort of playing with them for a bit, forgetting to take them and all that stuff, then I started really paying attention to taking them.

I was 165lb in the morning, and this was a barrier I could not break to save my life. I had been hanging at this weight for quite some time and it was irritating not being able to lose it. Even when I had revamped my eating habits (years ago), and I exercise all the time b/c it's my job
:()) I was still stuck. I changed my eating habits up even more and still I didn't get my weight under control until I started using the Advocare products faithfully. I cannot see EVER going off this stuff. It is like GOLD. Being in the Fitness and Wellness Industry I have tried all sorts of junk from GNC, where someone who knew nothing about products tried to push a ton of junk on me I am sure I didn't need, to online vit shops that I just hoped the products would work. I tried all the fat burners, protein and junk I could b/c I thought something had to work. With my eating habits and my working out there was no way my weight could not be controlled. All that wasted time looking for what works when it was out there all the time. I love the products, I love the fact that people follow up with you to make sure you are taking products correctly, and if you are loving them like I love them you can sign up and get a huge discount. They also let you build a business out of them if you so desire :O) It is unreal.

So...I started taking them and in 10 weeks I lost 10 lbs. I was all on board and people started noticing and asking questions and I had to share my news with them. They started buying products and BOOM, I was in business. I just want to spread this to all I can. I still have goals for my own body but with ADVOCARE, I know I can make my goals. Keep tuning in for my progress!

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